Tecan Academy Help

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How can I get access?

First, you need to obtain an Access Key. This takes four steps:

Contact your local sales representative or your Tecan helpdesk to place your order.

www.tecan.com/customersupport for contact information.


What can I access after I register?

By registering with a valid Access Key, you can use ALL the content that is available within the Tecan Academy.


How long do I have access for?

Once you have logged in, the validity of your access is displayed in the lower right corner of your screen.
Access is on an individual basis, and is valid for one year from the date of issue.

You will receive an email about your Access Key validity prior to expiry.


When I start a chapter/learning content, nothing happens

Pop-ups may be disabled. Ensure that pop-ups are allowed.


Allowing pop-ups

Because some of the content within the Tecan Academy opens in an additional window, pop-ups need to be allowed for this website (http://academy.tecan.com/).
If you cannot start content, or other functions are not working correctly, please verify that you have allowed pop-ups. Please refer to your browsers documentation on how to allow pop-ups for a specific site.


Videos included in the chapters are not appearing. What are the most likely reasons for this?

Slow internet connection – longer waiting time is needed.


Where can I find my certificate?

If you passed the certification test, an email is sent out immediately with the certificate attached.
In addition, you can access your certificate from the Tecan Academy. In the ‘My profile’ menu, click on Show certificates and the pdfs are available for download.


What is the validity of my certificate?

Tecan recommends a re-certification period of two years. Individual laboratories’ internal regulations need to specify the length of time for which training is valid.
Note that the certificate is only stored in your personal account. Please make sure to store or print the certificate for your records.


Where to get help

You can contact the nearest Tecan helpdesk, wherever you are in the world. A list of Tecan Customer Support offices can be found on the Tecan Website.


System requirements

The Tecan Academy should work with most popular browsers on all common operating systems.
Pop-ups must be enabled for the Tecan Academy to work correctly.

The Tecan Academy has been tested with:

  • Microsoft Edge 87
  • Google Chrome 87
  • Safari ® 14

Note: The Tecan Academy has not been tested on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.



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